Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | November 14, 2001

Yaar mere !

Yaar mere, dildaar mere
saamney aa, mere saath thu chal,
Yoo sapnon mein na aa
hum ko na sathaa.
  || Yaar mere..,||

Yaar mere, thee hum sein khafa
abh kyo yeh wafah..?
Ghum-sum thie badie, chanchal bhie
shaayad thie kabhie, abh bhie hai wohie
  || Yaar mere..,||

Yaar mere, kyo hum sey gilaa
abh kyo yeh sila..?
Shayad thie koyie shakh hum pein
ya aisaa bhie ho, humhey jaanthey he na thie.
  || Yaar mere..,||

Yaar mere, jab hum sein milaa
abh main kyo chalaa..?
Shaayad unhie sein milney main niklaa
ya unhie sein main bichadney walaa.
  || Yaar mere..,||

Yaar mere, zara paas aao
abh yoo na mukar jaao..!
Afsoos na kar, hum sein thu na darr
hum bhie hai na kum, lo kithney bhie sitham.
  || Yaar mere..,||

Yaar mere, kyo na taarey chamak they
abh na kyo woh toot they..?
Shaayad unhey bhie yeh maaloom hai
key ek pariee mere saath ho.
  || Yaar mere..,||


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