Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | December 15, 2005

Bill Gates To Create 3,000 Jobs In India

In Response to the Articles from Forbes, Yahoo, Rediff, Eenadu etc..,

 Let’s keep in mind, Gates isn’t trying to do us a favor by providing 3000 more jobs to India ( keeping aside the aid he is providing to the third world countries, to fight malaria, AIDS etc ). The competition with Yahoo , Google (& the rest) how ever will lead to cost cutting effects, here we have a very good solution to it ‘Outsource’, pay them a fraction of what we pay an American & make them work like dogs for extended hours. I don’t think this will do any good to the rest of the billion people leaving those 3000 people aside.

The irony , the toppers (also others) who are glowing in the boom of this outsourcing, forget that they earning thousands may increase the percapita of the nation by a percentage how ever it doesnt help the remainder. We should always keep in mind that no matter what branded shoes or clothes you wear , no matter how many Malls, theme parks, Walmarts, McDonalds , Pizzaplaces & what not we get…, the POOR ARE ALWAYS GOING TO REMAIN POOR. We are taught in our SocialStudies books the definition of PERCAPITA but not its gist, its time we realise that thee earning 50,000/- doesnt help thy neighbor.

Last but not the least I can’t help but pity those people working with joy & helplessness for those MNCs, regardless of the labor law saying that they can’t work more than 8 hours perday.., they have no unions.., they dont do anything.., but WORK. it doesn’t have to be that way, they know it, yet i wonder why they don’t react. And the pioneers who struggled to start those consulting firms in the first place know what it takes to be the one, but when it comes to reaping the profits i don’t think they give a bull if you have a personal life or not. GOOD LUCK brethren !


  1. “pay them a fraction of what we pay an American & make them work like dogs for
    extended hours”.

    I wonder if the pay were good – to be made to work like dogs can considered ok?

    The fact of the matter is the cost of living in America is also high. When a damn Apartment costs a thousand bucks per month I belive it is unfair to blame the MNC’s. High costs of operations is the very reason MNC’s are Outsourcing from low cost(mind you not cheap) Centers. Why should we blame the MNCs for everything.

    A quotation from ancient times “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Working extended hours for long periods is not good for the health of any individual. Brother remember word ranks higher than action. We also got to talk about the work we do.

    If an MNC has employed 3000 people at high salaries upwards of 50,000/- When the spending power of a group of people raises that in turn creates more jobs. We should appreciate positive news.

    “And the pioneers…………………………………a personal life or not”.

    We find them very rarely the very progressive minded who would not advice others to go through the struggle they have gone through.

    But certain MNC’s are exceptional the brief period I worked(at AIG New York) I had a good experience. Not more than 7 hours a day 35 hours a week not an hour more. On occasions we worked late we could add up and take a day off with the time sheet showing us as being present.

    If I am not wrong large MNC’s have an exceptional work ethic. They have seen many a cycle of employees having made to work long hours, of treating them as a pieces of furniture without regard for their personal life and such. MNC’s have pretty much evolved, these days they have a great culture if not for any other reason than for their own profit.


  2. I agree with your stand on the ‘Cost of living’ but who is responsible for that? Real estate, Insurance, Medical costs are soaring when compared to rest of the nations WHY?. Most of all the lobbyists standing in front of the Senates / Parliaments are high paid Executives from these so called MNCs, whose only job is to get the laws passed that are in their favor. Why are there extra tax benifits for these people rather than the common folk? because their voices are not heard, they don’t mean anything for the lawmakers.
    (Let me give you a small example, in the wake of hurricane Katrina,
    * Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated. when they came back to their apartments they found that the rents have increased by 2-3 folds, why?
    * FEMA can pay $400 per hour to Haliburton contractors to provide security to the star hotels, where as they can’t afford to pay $4 per hour for the construction labor who worked in cleanup efforts )

    YES, “spending power of a group of people raises that in turn creates more jobs..” well is it really? if so to what extent?
    I do agree with the workethics & hours that are followed for the employees / contractors working in USofA as i share the same environment. now coming to the topic of the people working in these offshore businesses, directly or indirectly they also work for these MNCs only, then why don’t these ‘workethics & hours’ also apply to them.

    A consultant need not work for more than 8hour days (unless required), why are the folks back in those outsourced centers work such extended hours, because their labor laws don’t apply here most importantly ‘THEY DON’T CARE’. Aren’t there labor laws in our countries, YES. but to what level they are enforced is a serious question.
    I have heard from umpteen number of the people working in those conditions, who are freshly / recently graduated join to their excitement of big bucks, they get married in an year or two have their own family but can’t spend time with them as they are hooked up to their terminals till late hours sometimes even midnights. aren’t they obligated to their social lives. when questioned about the compulsion of working such extended hours, they say they don’t have other options as there are thousands of people challenging their jobs with lesser pay.
    My only concern for these people is they also deserve better.

    I invite the people working at those offshore businesses to share their valuble opinions.

  3. For these problems; I wonder if we could atleast propose a feasible solution. Something that is just and acceptable to the so many parties involved(the employees, MNCs, Government etc.)

    Kalyan [Sun, 18 Dec 2005 19:51:51 -0800]

  4. I don’t think there is a direct solution to any problem, but before doing that don’t you think it’s a Good idea to invite many people who are involved in this in all level, get their suggestions and opinions then take a measure.

  5. Thought this extract from ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman‘ by John Perkins might be relevant to the discussion.

    “Today, men and women are going into Thailand, the Philippines, Botswana, Bolivia and every other country where they hope to find people desperate for work. They go to these places with the express purpose of exploiting wretched people – people whose children are
    severely malnourished, even starving, people who live in shanty-towns and have lost all hope of a better life, people who have ceased to even dream of another day. These men and women leave their plush offices in Manhattan or San Francisco or Chicago, streak across
    continents and oceans in luxurious jetliners, check into first-class hotels and dine at the finest restaurants the country has to offer. Then they go searching for desperate people.

    Today, we still have slave traders. They6 no longer find it necessary to march into the forests of Africa looking for prime specimens who will bring top dollar on the auction blocks in Charleston, Cartagena, and Havana. They simply recruit desperate people and build
    a factory to produce the jackets, blue jeans, tennis shoes, automobile parts, computer components, and thousands of other items they can sell in the markets of their choosing. Or they may elect not even to own the factory themselves; instead, they hire a local
    businessman to do all their dirty work for them.

    These men and women think of themselves as upright. They return to their homes with photographs of quaint sites and ancient ruins, to show to their children. They attend seminars where they pat each other on the back centricities of customs in far-off lands. Their
    bosses hire lawyers who assure them that what they are doing is perfectly legal. They have a cadre of psychotherapists and other human resource experts at their disposal to convince them that they are helping those desperate people.

    The old-fashioned slave trader told himself that he was dealing with a species that was not entirely human, and that he was offering them the opportunity to become Christianized. He also understood that slaves were fundamental to the survival of his own society, that they were the foundation of his economy. The modern slave trader assures himself (or herself)
    that the desperate people are better off earning one dollar a day than no dollars at all, and that they are receiving the opportunity to become integrated into the larger world community. She also understands that these desperate people are fundamental to the survival of her company, that they are the foundation for her own lifestyle. She never stops to think about the larger implications of what she, her lifestyle, and the economic system behind them are doing to the world – or of how they may ultimately impact her children’s future.”


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