Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | September 16, 2006

Why Talk about Movies ?

Before I start talking why,  let me brief you of what I’d talk about a movie.

I don’t know the exact figures but I guess, what a major percentage of the people in this world (or a country) likes is watching movies. What about me? YES, I’m such a freak too. But recently I’ve made it a habit to watch atleast 2 movies that make sense for each movie that doesn’t (main stream Movies). Here I make an attempt (not to write a review on that movie, as there will be plenty on the internet) but to write what i felt as a normal person watching that movie & how it effects my everyday life. More than everything, Why was that movie made in the first place.

Now the Question, WHY ?

I guess there may be some people in this world that still believe that it will be a better place tomorrow, me too. I’m not sure if a movie will change a society, city or country for good, but it sure does have a potential to ruin. Especially screw-up minds of the present generations.

There are many individuals and activists who work out of the frame work of this system of ‘Corporate Controlled’ Studios, whose only aim is to make a good movie for the better. Naturally these movies / documentaries don’t get  proper publicity for various reasons, even if they do so after winning awards at film festivals much does the rest of the world knows as they cant be distributed like the rest of them.

Thanks to the Internet & Blogging we have plenty to share.

What’s the Guarantee that someone will actually visit your site, read & understand?
HOPE, I’m optimistic. Isn’t it good that at least you’re reading it. (Don’t forget to share it)


  1. What is stopping you to introduce good movies to the readers of your blog? If not reviews, you can always give brief descriptions of good movies which you feel are worth writing. I did the same at my Yahoo group Biosymphony.

  2. రావుసాబ్,
    రోజూ రాద్దామనే అనుకుంటున్న, కని ఏం చెయ్యాలె ఈ పని ఒత్తిడిల పడి అసలు టైం దొరికుతలేదు. ఇరానీ దర్శకుడు ‘మాజిద్ మాజిదీ’ తీసిన “Children of Heaven” తో మొదలు పెడదాం అనుకుంటున్న. తొందర్లనే రాస్త.

  3. […] mentioned earlier that there’s importance of movies to impact & influence society (in Why Talk about Movies ?). I finally could take some time & list a few favorites. Shall keep updating the list, so […]

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