Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | November 13, 2006

Do We Accept The Truth – Documentary


Mr. Alexis Dias, a young software professional, hailing from Madurai, currently working in Bangalore in a software company, has used his spare time to draw attention to child labour, throwing light on the underprivileged children of Bangalore, children who cannot go to school but have to make a living. How? By selling small things at traffic signals, shining shoes on footpaths, washing plates at dhabas, working with roadside motor mechanics, getting bashed up for mistakes, real or imaginary, cheated out of their wages, nobody to protect them, but still surviving, sleeping on the streets, possibly supporting other family members, yet hopeful about the future.

Mr. Dias teamed up with friend and cinematographer Rajkamal to make a six minute and 10 second documentary film on this subject in an extremely sensitive manner. This movie, titled Do We Accept The Truth, is now posted for free viewing on . The image speaks of the passion of this man. Dias hopes this movie will find a wide audience, and make people react positively to the scenes he has displayed.

The documentary begins with a striking musical background and a collage of how different religions and their followers coexist in the metro high-tech city of Bangalore, and then shows the glitter and glamour of its affluent yuppie population. The second half, in stark contrast, displays how barely literate small children toil long hours to earn a small sum. The visuals are self-explanatory, with hardly any dialogues. Truly, each of his pictures is worth over a thousand words, striking at your heart and pulling at your heart-strings.

Mr. Dias compares his level of persons with these children with adult responsibilities and attitudes. He says, “At Madurai, if I earn Rs. 25,000 a month, I am considered well off; in Bangalore, many youngsters earn even double that amount and are still searching greener pastures twice or thrice that much and still wanting more,” says Dias.

High earning and high spending yuppies with a high lifestyle are more childish and irresponsible than these children doing adult work and bearing adult responsibilities. In spite of this burden they bear, in general people are most indifferent to the less privileged. The positive point is that these children have not taken to begging or petty crime, but want to earn by honest labour and feed themselves, perhaps even their families.

Dias has naturally screened this brainchild of his to his fellow professionals with positive results to set them thinking and put in their bit to help these underprivileged children.


  1. Nice Documentary…made me think ! Now We have to act in our own levels to combat this misery.

  2. Correct. I have made up my way to do my part with in my level.

  3. good documentary….

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