Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | April 5, 2007

It’s outright war and both sides are choosing their weapons

(A must read interview of writer activist Arundhati Roy on the question of state and revolutionary violence. although we disagree with her on some points regarding socialist states and her evaluation of Mao and these times of fascist terror and repression Arundhati brilliantly exposes the hollowness of the logic of neutralism and same attitude towards fascist state violence and the resistance.we thank TEHELKA for the interview.)

Arundhati RoyThere is an atmosphere of growing violence across the country. How do you read the signs? In what context should it be read?

You don’t have to be a genius to read the signs. We have a growing middle class, reared on a diet of radical consumerism and aggressive greed. Unlike industrialising Western countries, which had colonies from which to plunder resources and generate slave labour to feed this process, we have to colonise ourselves, our own nether parts. We’ve begun to eat our own limbs.

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(Courtesy TEHELKA, Parisar)

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