Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | May 10, 2007

An Indian Around the World in leisure : Bharadwaj Dayala

Bharadwaj DayalaIt was 2nd November 2006, one of my colleague who lives next door called me and said there is this Indian guy who is traveling around the world (I thought may be flying / driving around in a car) … when I heard “on a bike !” I was like what the ??!? When he said he’s coming over from Canada (after being stuck in snow at -14 degrees Celsius in Winnipeg) and he’ll stop at my friends place (in Kentucky) on his way to Atlanta. It was already winter and what’s this guy doing riding around the chilly roads in this freezing American winter.

I was curiously waiting to meet this guy, had our dinner and we got a call that this dude riding around the world was finally here. It was already 10:45pm, we didn’t know what to expect. Finally when I met him, there was this lean guy gazing around trying to get adjusted to the dim lights of the apartment. He introduced himself as BJ (Bharadwaj Dayala) as it was too late we thought this guy should get some rest as he has to hit the road early next morning to Atlanta. So we wanted to wrap things up fast.Bharadwaj Dayala

He turned on his Laptop and started to show the pictures he took throughout his journey. He was a great photographer and very soft-spoken too. I was under a misconception that he’d be a bit head strong because “he’s riding around the world” but he proved me wrong. Being a very curious person I started to ask questions while looking at those places he was.

Bharadwaj DayalaBJ had problem hearing to us during the conversations, as he has been traveling for months alone and being exposed to the whiz of the winds (even though he wears the ear plugs), and that whiz stays with you even if you’re not on the road. One thing that impressed me the most when he said “I’m not doing this to finish the journey at record speed and enter into some record books, but for my satisfaction, to learn about different cultures, life styles, most of all to have fun”. Yes he was having fun for sure !

But reading his latest post on his blog I was happy to see that he’s in Alaska, but felt bad as he was a bit depressed of being alone all this while (it’s already been an year since he left home). Don’t worry BJ hang in there.

Bharadwaj DayalaOn the whole we forced ourselves to leave early so that BJ can get some rest. We wished him luck towards finishing his journey safely. I wished I had few more hours to ask all those questions that were sprouting both in my brain and heart!

Click Here to know more about BJ’s journey


A manhole of city of LosAngles that was ‘Made in India’, An Indian Around the World in leisure : Bharadwaj Dayala

Here’s a classic photo (my personal choice) taken by BJ !  ‘Made in India

Visit his blog ‘Biking the World’ to read more of his personal experiences and look at rest of the amazing pictures BJ has taken.


  1. Thanks for introducing this daring and dashing hero and his blog.

  2. Hi Friend,
    Its nice to see your report about me. I was just browsing through and I stumbled on to your report. I really feel happy to see your feelings. Now you must have understood what I meant when I said, “its not the places but it is the people around the world that matter to me most”
    I am right now in Melbourn Autralia, my fifth continent :)
    Have a great time.

  3. Hi,
    I was following you on blog in 2007 and I was always wanted to ask you that how much did it cost you for a complete tour including all expenses, from home to home.

    appreciate your reply.


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