Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | November 13, 2007

For Telangana…Forever : Launched

“For Telangana…Forever” is a very ambitious photo campaign aiming at fostering and holding up the spirit of telangana. This photo campaign is intended to convey the message loud and clear that every single human-being who cares for Telangana irrespective of which part of the globe He/She resides echoes strong sentiments for the Telangana cause, culture and its identity.

For Telangana…Forever !

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    1. Believe it or not, Telangana is beginning of end to India.

      Soviet Union Collapsed, what happened?
      Europe united what happened? 1Euro = 1.5 US$

      Let’s guess what happens after Telengana becomes a state.

      Naxlites become powerful.
      Hyderabad looses some of it charm.
      I don’t think a good chief minter comes and develop Telanagana.
      Rest of the Andhra becomes two states Rayalseema and Andhra
      People will suffer more under separate states because of Caste Religion so on so forth…

      Don’t live in fantasy , Andhra, Telangan and Rayalseema will be doomed , eventually INDIA will be doomed. (As an Indian my heart broke , but is reality…)

    2. Thanks for sharing your view ! I can say nothing more to a person so naive as you are.

      any ways FYI

    3. With all respect to humanity, i believe there is no need for a seperate telangana. If you say and believe honestly that telangana people are marginalised then i think there MUST be a seperate telangana state WITHOUT Hyderabad, i support it honestly with all respect for their right to live a wonderful life in telangana state and g_d bless telangana.
      BUT yes a very BIG BUT
      Hyderabad MUST not be included in Telangana, I will give a billion reasons why it should not be in Telangana state and justify all of them ferociously. If you want Hyderabad to be included in Telangana region, you are asking telangana region on the basis of hatred, a very bitter hatred spwaned against andhra people who are much more hardworking and smarter than local people. I do not support telangana with hyderabad which has its roots in hatred. If Telangana people want hyderabad, its for this very reason of hatred that they developed in their hearts against andhra people, Telangana people did not think about seperate state WITH Hyderabad included until a decade earlier (ofcourse there were inter mitent jai telangana agitations for political milage)but once the hard working class of andhra people developed this hyderabad region telangana people started their sinister designs to grab this tremendous wealth created by hard working andhra people.
      HATRED cannot be a basis for new state, we know all the smoke and mirrors created to grab Hyderabad in the name of underdeveloped Telangana.
      Every andhraite in Hyderabad has experienced this hatred from their telangana neighbour, the moment andhrite builds an extra floor for his home you can readily notice without any ambiguity the hatred in the eyes of telangana neighbours they will start talking like their land is occupied, its hatred deeply rooted in the inability of telangana people to work hard. If telangana people think like this, what will happen to them if americans think like this about telangana people or other state people where telangana people are settled? just answer this.

    4. “Ulta Chor Kothwaal ko Daatein !” i guess this quote didn’t come into use just like that. please state your reasons i’m eagerly waiting for the good old stereotypes.

    5. Hey jaya prakash..dont be so ….Every one know who is “chor”.If u want seperate telangana,just think that without can come to k now wht tht would be (ZERO).

    6. రాష్ట్ర విభజన సమస్య పరిష్కారం కాదు. అసలు సమస్య ఏమిటి అనేది ఈ ఆందోళకారులకు తెలియదు. నేను మెదక్ జిల్లాలో పుట్టి పెరిగినవాన్ని. ఐనా నేను తెలంగాణా వాదాన్ని సమర్థించను. మనకు వున్న సమస్య రాష్ట్రం కాదు. ఇదే పోరాటం లంచగొండితనానికి వ్యతిరేకంగా లేదా నిరక్షరాస్యతకు వ్యతిరేకంగా లేదా బీదరికానికి వ్యతిరేకంగా ఎందుకు చేయట్లేదు. రాష్ట్ర విభజన పూర్తిగా స్వార్థపూరితమైనది. ఇదే పోరాటం నాయకులు లంచగొండులు ఐనప్పుడు ఎందుకు చేయలేదు. వేరే రాష్ట్రం వచ్చినా ఇదే లంచగోడి నాయకులు మనల్ని పీడిస్తారు. కాబట్టి, మనం మనకు వున్న అసలు సమస్యను పరిష్కరించుకునే ప్రయత్నం చేయాలని కోరుకుందాము.

      ఏమైనా బస్సులను దగ్దం చేయడం, తెలంగాణేతరులను ధ్వేషించటం ఎంత మాత్రం మంచిది కాదు. ఇదే దృక్పథం అమెరికాకు వుంటే మన వాళ్ళు అమెరికా వెళ్ళగలిగేవారా? ఇదే దృక్పథం ఇతర రాష్ట్రాలకు వుంటే, మన తెలంగాణా వాళ్ళు ఆయా రాష్ట్రాలలో వ్యాపారం చేసుకోగలిగే వాళ్ళా? ప్రభుత్వ ఆస్తులు అందరివి. కాబట్టి ఈ ఆందోళనకారులకు ప్రభుత్వ ఆస్తులను బస్సులను నష్టపరిచే హక్కు లేదు.

    7. Vijay,wht u said is abs right.There is no purpose of making a seperate telngana state.This is not good for either telangana or andhra people.Politicians are making situations worst for there individual growth and needs.All residents of AP should be aware of this situation.

    8. ఒక జాతి పోరాటాన్ని గౌరవించలేనివాడు ఐక్యతకు ఎప్పుడూ నాంది పలుకలేడు


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