Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | October 31, 2008

American Elections: Watch this ad

Dear friends across America,

As the barrage of negative ads intensifies, watch this new US election ad from Avaaz members calling for hope, tolerance and change.

Amidst the non-stop barrage of negative and divisive advertisements that have defined this election campaign, Avaaz members from the US and across the world have produced a positive and respectful ad before Americans head to the polls next Tuesday.

The advertisement doesn’t tell people who to vote for, but its overriding global message of unity, harmony and change is unmistakable — an antidote to the divisive ads and fear-mongering that will leave a lasting effects among Americans.

Watch the ad, and if you like it, send this email to friends or put the clip on your blog. Watch it here:

As we head to the election, the world’s people are watching intensely, looking forward to the day we can turn the page on eight years of damaging Bush foreign policy — from Iraq, to climate change to the ‘war on terror’.

With almost 90% of Americans believing it is important for the world to have a positive opinion of the US, this personal and respectful advertisement should resonate — sending a message that the world shares real respect for the American people, and that the desire for change is about the US government’s foreign policy.

Acknowledging our interconnected future and common ground are part of the legacy we hope a new era will herald — and why this advertisement is so timely as the nation heads to the polls. Enjoy the ad by clicking here:

With so much on the line, including climate change, Iraq, human rights and the ‘war on terror’, next Tuesday’s election is an opportunity for all Americans to set things right.

The aim of the ad is not to tell Americans how to vote, or whitewash America’s foreign policy record prior to the Bush administration, but to send out an alternative message of global unity and hope in a election advertising campaign so dominated by negativity and mud-slinging.

Watch the ad, and then send to people you think will appreciate is message before next Tuesday:

Don’t forget to vote!

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