Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | November 26, 2008

Gates to Heaven !

Please Read this before you watch the Video !

Now that you’ve seen the video, you may feel “why is this guy running through these ruins & why do i have to spend 5 minutes to watch this video”. Well let me paint some context !

Imagine your school ! Days of those 12+ years you have spent, which you don’t even remember.. that just pop out in your mind when you see a picture of your classroom or benches (or chairs for those privileged) you sat, the playground where you broke your knees & bled. The moments of your first crush (second, third & fourth for guys like me), place where you used to have your lunch, place where you used to park your bicycles, the corner where that ruthless math teacher caned you like crazy, PET that used to break your knuckles, the wall that still has the print of your ‘goda kurchi‘. Those days when you prayed like crazy to just get done with the school & get the hell out of there for good !

PJHS Blackboard

Blackboard in the ruins of the PJHS old building has some quotations left for us !

Now imagine walking through the same premise in ruins and recognising every nook & corner which (you thought) didn’t even exist in your memory lanes until today. Something similar happened when I saw the video ‘Gates to Heaven(my nephew KeyRun made) this morning as I was leaving for work. I couldn’t resist but call him & appreciate him for bringing all those memories back.

The ruins you see are of my school, Platinum Jubilee High School (PJHS), Warangal (Telangana / A.P, India) [Locate on WikiMapia | GoogleMaps], in late 90’s (please provide the year if you know) the campus was moved to a different location as the lease expired. I thought they’d demolish the old structure & raise apartments like in any case, but now i think it wasn’t demolished until now for the sake of this video.

Please share if you recall memories after you watch the video & leave a comment. I’m listing a few links for the alumni to find their long lost friends. Also leave a comment if you have details of more groups want me to add below.

Alvida Kehenein sein Pehlein “Please Dont Forget to forward this article to all your PJHS contacts“, also add your batch details !


  1. Thank you for sharing my feelings really fantastic article .

  2. doooddd nice one raa….

  3. thats great man i got tears in my eyes when i saw it and suddenly apatient enter he saw me crying patient bola kya doc kyu ro rahe hoo i told him nothing aakh me kachra chala gaya tha.its price less and the background score music touches the heart man it fantastic minblowing superb and history. and really they r the gates of heaven and they ahv no end its goes on and on.thanks japes keyrun and kalyan.

  4. Guys… ! !

    First of all BIG KUDOS .. to u all .. for bringing back the memories of OUR old….school…
    KeyRun and Arun.. Great job.. ! .. Thanks for sharing :-)

    For a long time , I had the same thing in mind to visit the school.. and have the memories freezed in the time frame.. just cud’nt make it, as u know.. not staying in wgl.. and busy with the life…. anyways.. I’m happy that you guys.. MADE IT..HAPPEN.. ! !

  5. God! was emotional looking at my School… I still dream that I am in my class/writing exam/playing with frens in my school. In short I Love my School and proud that I am a product of ‘Platinum Jubilee’

  6. Man…this is really nice video…who ever has did this…bunch of thanks to him from bottom of heart..!!

    for few mins i was bak in my school and school days, the place where we use to sit, play cricket in the play ground, and sometimes on prayer stage and many more memories…beautiful memories….!!!

    i was sad to see the school in this condition, but now they have a new building near the railway crossing near chintal…!!!

    thanks again dude…!!!!

  7. It Was really great to see our classroom and school campus you are great you made me most luckiest person in world. These are really golden moments which you gave me through this clip. I am crying man………. there are no words for this clip. Even I was near to school did’nt feel anything when visited our school but by seeing this clip you can’t imagine I really felt happy…………..

    Once again you are great made us feel proud to be Platinum Jubilee Student.

    Do you remember dear we use to come early to school and play cricket on school stage with our hand’s covered with hand kerchief.

  8. Good Work. Thanks a lot. I remember Platinum Jubilee High School a lot. I passed out in 1992. I even still remember the last day when i came to collect my certificates. Feel Happy to share memories. Please emails to to share feelings.

    Thanks once again.
    Rajeshwar Reddy

  9. Great job man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. its lovely 2 remember those precious days,because of guys like uuuuuuu

  11. Dude that was awsom… those were the golden days. thanks for making us go back in time and remember those days.

  12. In ruins of late I linger,
    In past I live.

    Lord! Am I dead!

    Nay! I am Phoenix,
    I am recurring,
    I am lasting
    Because I am Knowledge!

    Agreed! Walls, of our classes to the wells of our conventions halls. Everything lingers in our memories.

    But the lesson what were taught amidst this structure we have forgotten.

    My friends if you wish to glorify your school, I ask you to rise and shine!

    Shine to reflect the lesson we learned from our masters,
    Shine to reflect emotions we shared with our classmate,
    Shine to reflect love we shared, care we received.

    Shine to reflect the motto of Platinum Jubilee “ WORK NO WORD”

    How many ruins will you all Cherish / Mourn, and when will you build greater thing for generation next

  13. hai it was really wonderful to move into my school days after 12yrs,i remember my days ………….friends,teachers,small kids,parents,it was a place of carving our future……….a wonderful base to our strengths and showing our abilities
    it is gooooooood to see my school but painful to see in such a situation

  14. Great work guys…..
    this video has taken me bak 2 my golden days..i.e.,my sweet school days..
    these are the days which leave an imprint on every one’s one can ever forget those beautiful moments…it made me recollect all those moments that we experienced in our school life, but at the same time it is very sad to see that ruined building which was at time HEAVEN for US…

  15. The school days where we spent 12 years are memorable for all of us.This video is a gift to all of us..Thankyou very much.

  16. Great Job Guys!!!

    This is one great real work by you guys. Thanks to all of those guys who involved in making and sharing this video.

    The video was well taken and the background music was well suited to the video. I ran tears in my eyes and felt that I was physically there in the schools campus for few minutes while watching this video.

    Thank you guys and I really really appreciate all you guys for making this happen.


  17. Good one.

  18. hi
    i did my schooling there too. i was wondering why you tried to shoot and invoke the memories.

    albiet your work seems to be attractive, it creates a choatic around you and all.

    its not a good idea to do that , its a past tence and yeah your efforts is no way creating excitment.

  19. thank you 4 ur comment Mr kiran

  20. Gates to heaven

    by title, i thought some philosophical touch to your video.
    but going through your show, to the last is words to express my feelings, though i do not come from that school.

    Excellent, its an Romance in ruins..

  21. great! its good to remember our olden days at would be nice to have the video pof new school premises.

  22. hello jaya
    that was wonderful
    hey u know what i n have got many other memories of our school like visual of ground breaking ceremony of our new building and pic of old and new building premises,teachers n all ,well will try put in on this site in a short time

    hats off jaya,did a wonderful job

  23. Great job who ever it may be.
    I appreciate ur effort dude.
    I belong to the batch of 1999.
    So thankful to u for making this effort.
    I think i am very late in viewing this video.
    It really shed few tears frm my eyes.

  24. Great work dude….a picture is worth a thousand words…so calculate how many words are expressed in ur vid…..Fantsic job mate

  25. Great Great job man…….
    really fantastic,and hats off for your effort.
    i really appreciate.
    tears rolled out of my eyes when i saw the video.
    i belong to 1999 batch,i really miss my school,and my classmates.

  26. for my friends who want to contact me can email me at

  27. I miss the old days I belong to 95 batch.come in touch if any of my batch mates find this.

  28. Hi kalyan its really nice of you and your brother to shoot the school video and post the video.The music’s really good brother.Miss u all My teachers and my friends all.The 97-98 batch miss u all guys.

  29. This is just a breathtaking video i just came back from warangal did visit the new PJHS and was very impressed with the new location and was told not to see the old school as it was ruined with limited time allocated to my schedule i missed out seeing the old school after viewing this video it was very painful but impressed how everybody feels about the PJHS

  30. Thanks for the good works guys.iam from pjhs 1992 batch anyone from that year can contact me iam in search of the batch mates.


  31. good buddy… it took me back to school days…… thanks

  32. Excellent work memories got refreshed.I am from 78 batch..
    Samina Yasmeen.

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