Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | February 5, 2009

Trails from the East Episode 6: India, Part 1

IndiaIn this episode of Trails from the East, the train journeys through India from the border of Bangladesh to the border with Sri Lanka in the south, profiling a fast-changing society trying to keep its cultural identity.
Premieres Tuesday, February 10th at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific

Trails from the East – New Travel Series on Link TV

Begin the journey online now – all episodes are available to watch online!

Trails from the East is a 13-part documentary series that chronicles a train voyage from the East to the West, through fast-changing societies, along the birthplaces of five world religions. The series tackles some of the great questions of today’s globalizing world. How do people cope with the continuing globalization? Is it a threat or an opportunity?

We meet local people on and off the train, on this epic journey of discovery, passing through many towns and villages unknown in the West on this 20,000 kilometer “road movie”. The relaxed anonymity of a train proves to be a perfect setting for travellers to reveal perspectives on their world, as they learn to cope with the relentless battle to preserve unique religions and traditions in the face of pervasive globalization, consumerism and prescribed western lifestyle.


Visit Trails from the East at First Hand Films
Visit the website of filmmaker Rob Hof

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