Amateur Poetry

I claim to be no poet, Nor am I endowed with heavenly gifts.,
But what I feel, I’ll write, For it gives me immense DELIGHT

Most of this poetry was written in my late teens and they reflect that state of mind, that’s the reason why I categorize these as amateur poetry.

One of my dearest friends quoted these lines after reading my poetry…

Kaha chalaa yeh mera jogie, jeewan sein thu bhaag kay,
kisie ek kay kaaran, yoo saarie duniyaah tyaag kay

I have a small request to make: I don’t have the ability to convert (type) this text into Hindi Unicode, if any of you is interested to help me out please use the contact sheet below to let me know. (Thanking you in advance)

* * * * * * * * *

Meheboob Tere Liyen !

Kaagaz ke doh phool chunneh
Nikleh hai meheboob tere liyen ||
Unn baagon mein
Jab hum milein the pehlein |

Read More…

Main na kehtha tha

Main na kehtha tha mujhie  kissie ki talaash hai
Pal bhie katna mushkil hon jiskey liyie yeh pyaas hai,
Humjho kehthe they ki her dham mere paas hai
Phir bhie kath they na lamhe jho khaas they.

मैं न केहता था मुझे किसी की तलाश है
पल भीए काटना मुश्किल हों जिसके लिए ये प्यास है |
हुंझॉ केहते थे की हैर धाम मेरे पास है
फिर भी काटते न लम्हे झो ख़ास थे ||


Kya Qayaamath..!!!

kya QAYAAMATH bhalaa hai aayegein
tum bin jeena kuch kum hai kya ?
kya fasaanein woh laayegein
tujh sein behthar woh kya laayegein?

Yaar mere !

Yaar mere, dildaar mere
saamney aa, mere saath thu chal,
Yoo sapnon mein na aa
hum ko na sathaa.

Aayie Parie..!

Aayie parie, phul jhadie kya hua.,
kya hua., yeh kya hua., yeh kyo hua..?
Ab talak thee ghum, yeh phir sey kya hua.,
kyo hua., yeh kyo hua., humhe sein yeh kyo hua.

Pyar ka mathlab kya hai !

jaane pyar ka mathlab kya hai
is tanhaayie ka keemath kya hai,
jaane dil ka haalath kya hai
ishq na jaane kya naubath hai.

Jaane pyar ka mathlab kya hai !

jaane pyar ka mathlab kya hai
is tanhaayeka keemath kya hai,
jaane dil ka haalath kya hai
ishq na jaane kya naubath hai.  (more…)

Paagal They Hum !

Humhie her ghadie wohie soch thee
dewaana humhie yeh kab hosh thee,
paagal they hum…
tooney he bholaaya humhaarey , woh saarey ghum.

Pyar mein !

Pyar mein haar key, mathlab he nahin
jho bhie kehlo sanam, jeeth key zuroorath he nahin.

Mere soch mein..!

Mere soch mein phir na kuch aayein..
Tera pyaar aayein .. Tera pyaar aayein.  (more…)

Phir Bhie !

jeenein kein tamanna hai
saath tere chalna hai,


Phir pyaar ka nasha chaagaya !

Phir pyaar ka nasha chaagaya..
Jisein bhoolna tha ussein yaad karliya.

Hai pyaar pahelee sein !

Hai pyaar pahelee sein
yeh zindagee ki sahelee sein,
.. Suljhane jho chale the
uljhaane hein woh khadeh the.


Khafa khafa ho kyo hum sein..!

zara dil key kareeb tho aane dey
phir shauk sey humhe marjaane dey…

Paagal bana !

Paagal bana, main deewaana bana,
pyar mein jaane tere main kya kya bana.


  1. I guess may help you !!

    by the way read only the first of series your ode (Main na kehtha tha) ….

    pretty good one. !!

  2. Hi all!

    I love the colors you use, and the images are vivid and energetic. Great work, good site too. I’ll be in touch!


  3. the poems r good enough. words r powerless to express my bliss. both u and jp r putting ur heart’s blood into these blogs.I am proud of u.

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