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  1. Are the documentaries mentioned by you released in theatres? If so where? I am glad to note that you like documentaries.

  2. Good list .

    well I did watch most of em’ still gotta watch

    WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price ,

    When the Mountains Tremble and et al.


    always do appear in my fav list .

    thanks for including em’ !!

    @ CB RAO gaaru

    You can use any peer-to-peer applications (Limewire/Shareazza) or can also try for torrents ( to download em’
    also try

    Thank You !!

  3. People interested in Documentaries can find latest ones at
    (Bit Torrents needed to download the movies / docu’s)


    thanks for those sites

    found em’ useful !!

  5. i like it…..lot of info….tq

  6. My opinion about each movie in the list.

    Frida : (Special Interest , Foreign , 2002) imdb , wiki – Directed by Julie Taymor ; Salma Hayek
    Whale rider : (Special Interest , Foreign , 2002) imdb , wiki – Directed by Niki Caro


    Bowling for Columbine : (Political 2002) imdb , wiki – Michael Moore

    Somehow Moore reminds me of NTR. But he is effective. He makes you hate Charleston Heston & NRA. Let me crib about NRA later.

    Corporation, The : (Political , Activism , 2003) imdb , wiki Homepage – written by Joel Bakan, Harold Crooks and Mark Achbar ; directed by
    Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott

    Sounds Interesting. Will definitely watch it.

    Cult of the suicide bomber, The : (Political 2005) imdbHomepage – produced and directed by David Batty, Kevin Toolis (Robert Baer)

    This is also very interesting.

    Downsize this : (Political ) , wiki – Michael Moore
    Seen parts of it.
    Fahrenheit 9/11 : (Political , Directors Special , 2004) imdb , wiki – Michael Moore
    Same comment as that of Bowling for columbine.

    I am Cuba : (Political 1964) imdb , wiki – directed by Mikhail Kalatozov; Soy Cuba/Ya Kuba


    Dead poets society : (Hollywoods Cream 1989) imdb , wiki – Matt Damon

    Good Night, and Good Luck : (Hollywoods Cream , Directors Special , 2005) imdb , wiki – Directed by George Clooney
    I was surprised. Didnt think much about Clooney before the movie.

    Good Will Hunting : (Hollywoods Cream , Directors Special , 1997) imdb , wiki – Directed by: Gus Van Sant, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Robin Williams

    Didnt like it much.

    Syriana : (Hollywoods Cream , Directors Special , 2005) imdb , wiki – Directed by: Steven Soderbergh
    Strictly for political junkies. I liked it.

    Traffic : (Hollywoods Cream , Directors Special , 2000) imdb , wiki – Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

    Liked this one.
    Battle of Algiers, The : (Historic , Directors Special , 1966) imdb , wiki – Directed by Gillo Pontecorvo, (Battaglia di Algeri, La)
    Will wtach it…

    Motorcycle Diaries, The : (Historic , Foreign , 2004) imdb , wiki Homepage – Directed by Walter Salles
    Liked this.
    Hotel Rwanda : (Historic , Foreign , 2004) imdb , wiki – Directed by Terry George, Don Cheadle

    8½ : (Foreign , Directors Special , 1963) imdb , wiki – Directed by Federico Fellini
    Loved this one. The first one I watched that for Fellini.

    Ali Fear eats the love : (Foreign 1974) imdb – Angst essen Seele auf ; Directed by: Rainer Werner Fassbinder
    Will wtach it.

    Ankur : (Foreign 1974) imdb , wiki – Shyam Benegal
    Good one.

    Baran : (Foreign 2001) imdb , wiki Homepage – Majid Majidi
    Children of heaven : (Foreign , Directors Special , 1997) imdbHomepage – Majid Majidi ; Bacheha-Ye aseman
    Color of paradise, The : (Foreign 1999) imdbHomepage – Majid Majidi ; Rang-e khoda
    Are in my netflix q.

    La dolce vita : (Foreign , Directors Special , 1960) imdb , wiki – Directed by Federico Fellini
    Loved this.

    Nishaant : (Foreign 1975) imdb – Shyam Benegal
    It was ok.

    Amandla : (Documentary 2002) imdb , wiki Homepage –
    ‘vent watched this one.

    Born into brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids : (Documentary 2004) imdb , wiki Homepage – a film by Ross Kauffman & Zana Briski
    Execution of Wanda Jean, The : (Documentary 2002) imdb – Directed by Liz Garbus
    >>>>>>>>>>>Good one.

    Noam Chomsky : (Rebel without a pause : (Documentary ) imdb – Directed & edited by Will Pascoe
    >>>>>>>>Will watch this.

    When the Mountains Tremble : (Documentary , Foreign , 1983) imdb – Directed by Newton Thomas Sigel, Pamela Yates
    >>>>>>>>Will wtach it.

    Super size me : (Activism 2004) imdb , wiki Homepage – writen & directed by Morgan Spurlock (30 days fame)
    >>>>>>>>>Watched parts of it. Will catch it on tv next time.

    World Vday : (until the violence stops : (Activism 2003) imdb , wiki Homepage – Directed by Abby Epstein (a must watch by each & every woman)
    Will wtach it.

    WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price : (Activism , Documentary , 2005) imdb , wiki Homepage – Directed by Robert Greenwald
    >>>>>>>>>>I dont shop at walmart. ;).

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  9. I was looking for Gautam Ghosh’s movies and found Our Land (“Maa Bhoomi”) posted by you on YT. I was also looking for Mrinal Sen’s movie The Outsiders (“Oka Oori Katha”). This movie was also made in Telangana. It will be nice to post this movie also, if you happen to find it.

    I looked at the movies you listed and thought you might like this movie: “Life and Debt ” [Jamaica – English] It’s about Globalization, IMF, World Bank etc.

    For people who like neo-realistic movies I recommend Vittorio De Seca’s “Bicycle Thief”, to start with.

  10. Thank you Mr.Shanker, i’ve seen both “Life and Debt” & “Bicycle Thief” they both are great movies., its just that i wasnt able to update my list.

  11. great blog, it’s really superb of your collection and articles

  12. One more movie for your list. “Why We Fight”

    Actually, it should be named “why does America fight?”

    What is the trick to get an avatar like Obamas ?

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  15. thanks for SharinG =]

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