Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | January 7, 2009

Satyam is Maytas

Satyame Maytas poster

Satyame Maytas poster

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Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | December 2, 2008

Hotel Taj : icon of whose India ?

Gnani Sankaran; Tamil writer, Chennai.

Watching at least four English news channels surfing from one another during the last 60 hours of terror strike made me feel a terror of another kind. The terror of assaulting one’s mind and sensitivity with cameras, sound bites and non-stop blabbers. All these channels have been trying to manufacture my consent for a big lie called – Hotel Taj the icon of India.

Whose India, Whose Icon ?

It is a matter of great shame that these channels simply did not bother about the other icon that faced the first attack from terrorists – the Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station. CST is the true icon of Mumbai. It is through this railway station hundreds of Indians from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Tamilnadu have poured into Mumbai over the years, transforming themselves into Mumbaikars and built the Mumbai of today along with the Marathis and Kolis
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Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | November 26, 2008

Gates to Heaven !

Please Read this before you watch the Video !

Now that you’ve seen the video, you may feel “why is this guy running through these ruins & why do i have to spend 5 minutes to watch this video”. Well let me paint some context !

Imagine your school ! Days of those 12+ years you have spent, which you don’t even remember.. that just pop out in your mind when you see a picture of your classroom or benches (or chairs for those privileged) you sat Read More…

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Meheboob Tere Liyen !

Kaagaz ke doh phool chunneh
Nikleh hai meheboob tere liyen ||
Unn baagon mein
Jab hum milein the pehlein |

||kaagaz ke doh phool…||

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Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | October 31, 2008

American Elections: Watch this ad

Dear friends across America,

As the barrage of negative ads intensifies, watch this new US election ad from Avaaz members calling for hope, tolerance and change.

Amidst the non-stop barrage of negative and divisive advertisements that have defined this election campaign, Avaaz members from the US and across the world have produced a positive and respectful ad before Americans head to the polls next Tuesday.

The advertisement doesn’t tell people who to vote for, but its overriding global message of unity, harmony and change is unmistakable — an antidote to the divisive ads and fear-mongering that will leave a lasting effects among Americans.

Watch the ad, and if you like it, send this email to friends or put the clip on your blog. Watch it here:

As we head to the election, the world’s people are watching intensely, looking forward to the day we can turn the page on eight years of damaging Bush foreign policy — from Iraq, to climate change to the ‘war on terror’.

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Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | October 27, 2008

Are you feeling lucky !? Chuck Norris is here !

  1. * Rule number one “You don’t ask who Chuck Norris is ?” …
  2. * Rule number three “You don’t ask who Chuck Norris is ?” …
  3. * There is no Rule number two in “Chuck Norris’ Dictionary ?” …
  4. * Never question Chuck Norris ! NEVER !

Keep On Reading : (Or else Chuck Norris will make you read it)

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Anecdotes of Jim & Jay

I’m starting this new category to share some of the ‘Anecdotes of Jim & Jay’. I’m Jay aka japes, Who is this Jim?

Jim is a medicine resident (MD) i met recently, I can sum his personality in two words, the ‘Patch Adams‘ I’ve met ! I guess a character like him needs no intro. He’s a person we all know on the screens but occasionally get a chance to meet.  Read More…

Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | October 23, 2008

Life a comedy which pretends to be a tragedy !?

People react very differently to different situations based on their nature, wit or philosophy by which they live. Some people really do surprise us by going one more step ahead !

Years ago RamGopal Varma (yes that Film Director) was involved in a train accident, while traveling from Hyderabad to Naraspur for the shooting of ‘Prema katha’, which resulted in around 17 deaths. According to him it was one of the most dramatic, comic and tragic experiences of his life.

Read the blog by RGV “A dramacomic tragedy” & decide for yourself whether its a tragedy or a comedy !  [ URL :!5187B91811914FB4!5600.entry ]

Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | October 22, 2008

Confused !


Kumar : Do you know we have over 200 Languages in India and  language changes when we move from one territory to the other…

Jim: No wonder you must be confused to communicate then ?

Kumar : Nooooo ! why ?

Jim: No wonder you are confused when you come to America ?

Kumar : (big) NO ! we exactly know that we have to come to America, that’s why we learn English … … … It’s you who are confused, that’s why you wonder whether to go to Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iran !

(Courtesy: Jim & Jay)

Posted by: JayaPrakash Telangana | October 21, 2008

Gotcha? You Betcha!

John McCain and Sarah Palin have been complaining that there’s too much “gotcha journalism” going around. If only… When they say “gotcha journalism,” what they’re really trying to do, of course, is to demonize journalism itself — to de-legitimize asking tough questions…

There’s no better way for a lay person to understand the current crisis than by listening to two episodes of This American Life – “The Giant Pool of Money,” which aired last May, and “Another Frightening Show About the Economy,” which aired last weekend. Read More…

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