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I don’t know the exact figures but I guess, what a major percentage of the people in this world (or a country) likes is watching movies. What about me? YES, I’m such a freak too. But recently I’ve made it a habit to watch atleast 2 movies that make sense for each movie that doesn’t (main stream Movies).

…reading poetry should be like peeling an onion, you should have a new experience every time you read it..!” advised a good old friend and I guess this applies to a movie too, since it’s an art form too.

Here I make an attempt not to write a review on a movie, (as there will be plenty on the internet) but to write what i felt as a normal person watching that movie & how it effects my everyday life. (Click to read complete article ; List of interesting Movies to Watch)

here are few of my reflections

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  1. good blog

  2. జేప్స్ గారూ, మీ బ్లాగు టపాల్లో వ్యాఖ్య ఎక్కడ రాయాలో అర్థంకాక ఇక్కడ పెడుతున్నా.
    ఇది వేణుగోపాల్ కడలితరగ బ్లాగులో అమెరికా తీవ్రవాదంపై యుద్ధం విషయంలో మీ వ్యాఖ్య గురించి. మీరన్నది పరమ సత్యం. ఆహుతైన ఎవ్వర్నీ మరిచే వీల్లేదు.

    అన్నట్టు మీ బ్లాగులు కూడలిలో కనపడవు – కావాలనే చేర్చలేదా?

  3. Hi Japes,

    Thanks for posting Maa Bhoomi on You Tube. Could you inform me where I could get a DVD/VCD of that movie. I have been searching for it.

    Thanks & regards

  4. You seems to be obessed with Telangana. What difference does it makes if we have a seperate state. Better not to divide our selves !! rather concentrate on the development as a whole. At the end of day peace matters. Would appreciate if you concentrate on development of nation as whole.

    See ya,
    Your school mate.

  5. Dear Schoolmate,
    ‘development of nation as whole’ is a naive argument being presented since 5 decades. Telangana isn’t mere a slogan for political exploitation.

    No development has taken place in 50 years and were not dumb enough now to to nod for the slogans of ‘development’

    if you’re really sincere about building a stronger nation please research into the cause of Telangana and then do present your argument. here are some URLs that may help you


  6. Great site I’ll post a link at http://www.votestrike.com Great pics too.

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